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London Richards is a British polymath, best known for his work as an artist, writer, and producer. He founded his company, Courtland 333, a web3 community in 2018 and is also creative contributor for syndica.io. His rare voice, formidable pen as a writer, coupled with his agility as a performer and his steadfast adherence to his core values, makes Richards a superstar in the making and one of the most original and innovative artists of his generation.


Born in North West London to first generation immigrant parents by way of Nigeria, Richards has loved music from a young age since receiving turntables from his father. During his childhood, he attended multiple schools in England before briefly moving to Switzerland, then to New Jersey in 6th grade and later spending 8 years in Los Angeles, California.


Releasing music at 17 years old, Richards showed early maturity in his songwriting and performance capabilities. Taking time in the years following to study music, art, culture, marketing, psychology and philosophy, he notes, "I turned inwards and sought conviction in myself and my creations."


In 2017, Richards returned with his debut EP, mood 001, which reflected a confident and poised sound. In 2018, he released his follow-up singles, “Ends” and "Hypomania." That same year, Richards toured the U.S., playing 4 festivals including Billboard Hot 100 Festival and joining Halsey on her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour. He also highlights opening for the late Juice Wrld and playing Red Rocks Amphitheater twice in one year.


A student of life and philosophy, Richards sees his gift as a medium to invoke healing, unity and reconnection with one’s true sovereign identity. His company, Courtland 333, named after the first primary school he attended, embodies the mantra that the school touted, "everybody can be somebody," which he adapted to "everybody can be who they are." Courtland 333 is dedicated to building and stabilizing a community of like-minded individuals to co-create limitless possibilities.


Successfully proving his musical range, Richards masterfully blends genres, while his lyricism reflects the experiences of love, loss, hope, freedom and embodying his authentic self. Further epitomizing the growth of his craft, Richards released his first full length project exclusively via his membership site, An Amazingly Beautiful Sad Story, in 2019. He remarks, "this album is for the self-terrorized beings who live in fear of their nightmare."


In March 2020, Richards entered a partnership with Red Bull Records. However, due to a difference in core values the partnership was short-lived.


With an incredible career ahead of him, Richards is clear on what he wants others to take away from him. "I care deeply to be a catalyst in people's growth" he concludes. "I know the truth about who I am, and I know how to use what I've learned to teach others. It is not necessary to sell out to be accepted. We are allowed to say no to anything that does not serve us. We each have unique value that no one can take from us. We are allowed to defend and protect our value + revalue ourselves and make the world meet us where we deserve to be met. We are in control.”

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