Energy Update 3/20

The creation of new earth

They are losing control of the harvesting of our energy

The old structures have been centralized to make you afraid, separated and powerless

Now we have a choice

The dark will inevitably transmute into light

The light will shine

Don’t attach your reality to the old system

Do you believe the world inevitably turns to love and light or fear and destruction?

Do you believe in the sun when it is not shining?

You can choose to believe in a world where we all deserve compassion, forgiveness and redemption

Any structure that is not based on natural law is being destroyed

Let’s look beyond the limits of the structures

You're an alchemist

Meet the darkness

When we avoid the darkness we avoid seeing the shadow cast upon us that kept us locked into the matrix system

We chose to keep ourselves limited and ignorant, in a backwards world, where the evil is considered good, where bad behaviors is considered freedom.

Our rebellion must be with purpose

Each of us is being called to lead the world

Every person has to show up with their own genius

No one is responsible for your life except you

There will be a change in our value system


I am the divine creator

I am the womb of my own life

I am constantly giving birth to new forms of myself

This is our rebirth

Redirect your thoughts so they don’t overtake you


I am no longer a slave to fear

I am free. My name is freedom. My identity is freedom. My identity is eternal life.

I do not owe anyone anything

I am not here to promote a lifestyle

For the people, by the people


London Richards

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