Energy Update 4/11

Make conscious choices based on inner knowing and intuition. Based on what we know we must do, not what you should do.

Keep speaking truth.

Allow people to be where they are on their journey.

We are the new leaders. We’re building our communities. Take care of self. Take naps. To appreciate the rewards. The work hasn’t begun yet.

Shadow integration. There must be darkness for their to be light. We don’t have to shovel the darkness out we just have to turn on the light. Embrace the darkness.

Remind the feminine of her power. She doesn’t need saving or protection. She is the creator of the earth.

It’s not about saving everyone. It about saving your own soul. Hold self and others to living in truth.

If someone is not willing to receive what you’re saying, then let them listen to themself.

Care for nature. Uphold its glory.