What is my perspective?

The old timelines must die

The old tricks

The way we deceived ourselves

And tricked others are coming undone

What can I build a structure on?

What is the real truth of how things are?

Find objective truth, to help society

Do not shame and degrade your identity by taking on the projection from the structures

Thoughts and actions are powerful

Rise above collapsing structures

Individual self energy, authentically expressed out into the collective in its highest divine form

Take responsibility for self

Group think propaganda is only to make you feel incapable

Don’t attach your energy to other people

Don’t project out to them

Don’t create and pass judgements on them that you would pass on yourself because I feel disempowered

Find space for both to exist. Can I allow their to be two differences of opinion?

Do not create fear

Encourage all to create their own stage

Hone awareness of self

Hone abilities that come from that awareness

Communicate ideas effectively with confidence

Arguments won’t be won emotionally

Use data and analysis

Speak truth from spirit

Lay on top of your current reality what your heart desires to manifest until you see it begin to manifest

Keep detaching cords, especially when someone is trying to make you act a certain way

Martyrdom is a deception

Go within and see the bigger picture

If you want to find your new perspective you have to recognize how the value system is changing

Where have I been giving my energy away?


London Richards

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